What can I do?

I may not have had the pleasure of meeting all who read this, therefore I should probably do an intro to who I am professionally. I’m a digital strategist, experienced at working with brands, agencies, and organisations of all sizes, across various sectors.

I’m an expert at dealing with digital influencers (YouTubers, Bloggers, Vloggers, Instagrammers etc.). Yes it’s the buzzword of 2016 but I have 3+ years of genuine experience, some great relationships, and some damn fine results to show for it.

Other bits and bobs I like to do: 

  • Strategic social media management / review / social advertising.
  • Web / social / email / content planning.
  • Campaign planning and execution.
  • User acquisition.
  • Account management.
  • Business development.


I’ve worked with Google, Twitter, ITV News, The Independent, Sky Sports, SBTV, Thinking Digital and many more, here are some of the highlights.


I’m available immediately. At the moment I have 8-12 days a month up for grabs, and I’m looking for short to mid term projects of 2-12 weeks working with a digital agency / company, or start up.

I prefer to work in the North East or London (but feel free to make me an offer I can’t refuse!). I work on a day rate (negotiable) however I am open to work towards a project fee.

Get in touch:

I love my work but I’m trying to keep this brief, so if you’d like to arrange a coffee, call, or a Skype with me to discuss something then please get in touch.

Mobile: 07703346040