Launched + Grew Voting Advice app by 400,000 Users in just 4 weeks:

Social media / digital lead for launch of a new voter advice tool; Verto.


Create and co-ordinate a social media led marketing campaign to get users for Bite The Ballot’s new voter advice tool Verto. Develop digital / social branding and lead in-house digital execs and creatives at Bite The Ballot to develop a social media / content strategy to encourage young and first time users to use Verto.

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Multi Layered Media

I worked with Ben White and Oliver on several aspects of the social and digital campaign. I took a multi layered content led approach to drive awareness of Verto. The launch date only allowed us a short time to get a lot of people to use the tool. A media partnership was agreed with the Independent that helped with volume and to attract a wider and different audience. We also worked with youth media organisations such as Dazed and Confused to produce inspirational content.

SHARE: You have power in your numbers. #TakePower and VOTE tomorrow. (a collaboration with Dazed and Confused Magazine)

Posted by Bite The Ballot on Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Content that inspires

It was also important that we had Political party buy in. Working along side the the BTB internal team, all manifesto pledges from each individual parties and identify which were relevant to Verto and to young first time voters.

I led a team of creatives who visualised these pledges and made them relevant to the target audience as we needed to contextualise what they meant, often within 140 characters and an image.

I used different forms of content across Facebook and Twitter to inspire, inform and educate potential first time voters, driving them to the central destination: The content was wide and varied utilising all native forms of media:

  • Snappy TV clips from an Leaders Live, designed to engage young, potentially disconnected, first time voters with politics.
  • Real time statistics and country snapshots of opinion using screen grabs to show off the engaging UI
  • Real feedback and sharing of results to encourage others to give it a go.
  • Real manifesto pledges were visualised.
  • Memes, GIFS and cultural references to engage in a fun and relevant way

Below are just some examples: 

We must make our voices heard. Make sure you #RegisterToVote: the deadline is tomorrow!

Posted by Bite The Ballot on Sunday, 19 April 2015

DeCafe / Starbucks + Social Influence + Politics

DeCafe events were masterminded by Ben White and the internal BTB team, which again I led the creative team to translate through social content, in a further attempt to drive more people to use Verto.

Starbucks & Bite The Ballot: DeCafé [client] from Alex Odam on Vimeo.


Verto launched 4 weeks before the General Election and still managed staggering results.

  • 400,000 users
  • 19 million decisions
  • Featured in several major publications including, The Independant, Cosmopolitan and The Drum.