This week I attended Thinking Digital, in it’s new venue of Manchester at ‘Home’. As a Thinking Digital newbie I didn’t know what to expect. I had seen some of the speakers from the Gateshead event in May via their catch up livestream and had high expectations, and boy were they met.

The day got off to an energetic start with Eddie Obeng who led with a theme that was prevalent throughout many of the talks – we, as humans are getting lost in the process, not engaging fully, not taking the time to connect.


change the world



I don’t really want to summarise the talks, as I don’t feel I can do them justice, they need to be listened to, in full. Luckily, I was at the event as a result¬†of my recent work with Reframed,¬†making sure everything was going to plan with the livestream. ¬†And so, I have this awesome list of links for each speaker, he links take you to the exact point of their talk. I know, I’m amazing, right?

Session 1:

Eddie Obeng: Counter-intuitive thinking for a digitally disrupted world
Conrad Wolfram:How do we go from big data to useful intelligence?
Julian Treasure:How to speak so that people want to listen

Session 2:

Adrian Woolard:The BBC R&D journey and mission
Panel: Northern Tech Powerhouse Panel
LJ Rich:Performing is a multi sensory experience 

Session 3:

Stephen Waddington:How organisations communicate on the internet (not very well)
Peter Gregson:making music for films
Pam Warhurst:Edible landscapes, growing a revolution

Session 4:

Tom Chatfield:Being (more) human in a digital age
Emma Foster & Kevin Moss: the journey to Tel lPlayer
Lemn Sissay:His story and why digitisation is personal 

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Photography by the awesome Thomas Jackson