I’m a huge fan of technology, but I do wonder sometimes where it’s all heading.

As a child I was obsessed with tech, from random 70’s/80’s toys and consoles (Binatone TV Master MK 8 anyone?), my grandparents had the original Apple Macintosh, and I’ll never forget the first PC we got (or the telling off I got for deleting all of my dads’ MBA documents while formatting a floppy disk ?).

In scrolling through this site for the below image, it’s amazing just how much of this tech I came into contact with when I was a child.


Fast-forward to 2016 and as a man and a father I have different technological obsessions. I have a young son who (like many) is semi attached to his iPad, getting to know and love different YouTubers and happily ‘asking Siri’ what the weather will be like before selecting his clothes for the day.

A personal favourite of mine is to watch my son button bash the ‘skip this ad’ button in an attempt to get ‘Hobby Kids TV’ on quicker – ad peeps beware, the kids hate your pre-roll ?

The speed in which things have changed in my lifetime is quite astonishing, and don’t get my dad started on the same subject.

I now find myself being so proud of myself when I manage to close my laptop for a few hours on a Sunday – when did life become so hectic?

I work in advertising and digital marketing so my days are spent keeping up to date with the latest trends around social and digital, however I have a keen interest in things like VR and AR and where that is heading.

At the moment I’m working with an amazing one of a kind conference that is looking to address a single question “How do we successfully marry humanity and technology?”

It’s difficult to cover the complexity of that question in a sentence, so to add some meat to the bone, the event will take that single question from many different angles. They’ve invited 25 experts from a range of industries to discuss this from a range of different perspectives. From media, health care, technology, music, agency, art and more including authors and photojournalists angles too.

Sounds good right?

As someone who genuinely struggles with the life / tech balance I’m extremely interested in some of the topics being challenged with this event – which is one of the main reasons I got involved.

After becoming interested in things like ‘calm tech’ recently, I’m interested to hear from people like author Michael Harris as he discusses the ‘loss of absence’ directly addressing my own seeming obsession with my mobile phone.

So here is the thing – if you’re still reading this you’re probably into the sound of this event – if so I’ve been given a discount code for you to get 15% off when you book here: CODE: SC15 http://onequestion.live/register