The story begins June 16, 2016 – I was in an Uber, trying to make conversation with my driver while watching the second half of England v Wales Euro 2016 game on the way to meet Gini and a guy called Craig, and ends with one of the best events I’ve been to and meeting some of the most creative people on the planet.

When I met Gini and Craig after the first beer went down we started discussing our two projects. Mine of course being NMCN, as we were beginning to roll out our beta, and theirs being something they had launched on the morning before we met: Snaphappen.

Snaphappen was the worlds first Snapchat gathering and awards ceremony (unofficial and not affiliated with Snapchat). It was held in Old Street Roundabout and was attended by some of the greatest new media creators of the moment who mainly hone their craft on Snapchat.

The day prior Sam Sheffer and Mashable had arranged a meet up at Cereal Killer Cafe. It set the event off perfectly for us, as we managed to interview several incredible creators to find out more about the person behind the snaps. We’ll be releasing those interviews very soon – make sure to follow @NMCNco on Twitter to be first to see them.

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NMCN were a named partner for the event and also had a slot on the ‘Industry Experts’ panel. The panel was expertly compared by Nick Robertson and gave us the opportunity to explain our vision of the future for creators.

This led to us being quoted in The Guardian the following day including this direct quote: “If Laurel and Hardy were 16yos right now, would they not have started their art, their talent, their creativity on Snapchat?” – more to come on this sentiment in a follow up blog on NMCN soon.

I’m thrilled to find out Craig and the team will be launching Snaphappen NYC early in 2017 – and no doubt we will be along for the ride.

For more check out @snaphappen on all the usual socials.