Created a digital first, feel good, brand campaign:

Brand campaign for Mecca Bingo that, for the first time, did not concentrate on gambling or special offers, something unheard of in the industry.


Create a digital campaign that demonstrates Mecca’s brand values of fun and friendship.


I focussed on customer insight and data that showed that Mecca was often a monthly treat for many customers and often the only leisure time they spent with their close family and friends.

I created a competition to allow people to tell their story about how the brand Mecca had allowed them to get closer to their loved ones. This was an innovative campaign as the gambling industry is extremely offer led, this campaign allowed people to be reminded of why they enjoy interacting with the brand – rather than them focussing on a product.

Landing page:

After purchasing I created a landing page that directed people to different parts of the campaign. This was the focal point throughout the campaign period.



Press Coverage:

Daily Express: Feeling envious? That’s what friends are for 


  • 100’s entries
  • 1000+ social shares
  • 1000+ hits on landing page
  • 2500+ users using mini games during period

Client: The Rank Group / Mecca Bingo
Role: Marketing Strategist
Special Thanks: Leslie Clifford