Launch + Growth of Online Youth Focussed News Channel:

YouTube channel launch and growth strategy.


Create a content and social strategy around the launch of Bite News. Continue to develop the social audience and reach of the channel as it grows.


Working with no budget we had to create a strategy that was compelling and build anticipation of the launch.  We created a story arc that built up reminding people why they should be dissatisfied with the news.

During the pre launch period we had over 100 tweets scheduled pulling content in from over 5 different social media platforms, including Vine, Storify, Instagram, Facebook (where we have and will only ever make one post) and of course Twitter.

We held three twitter chats through the week with Jamal, Hannah Witton and David Vujanic respectively. These chats drove huge engagement and helped explain the purpose of the Bite News mission much better.

Launch And Endorsement

The channel launch drew 100’s of in depth YouTube comments, to the delight of the YouTube team and further debate on the state of the news in our modern connected world.  The launch video gained a respectable 7,000 views during the first week.

Over the coming months we worked with several popular new media creators to narrate and distribute relevant and interesting news content

The feedback showed that young people are not disengaged, disinterested and apathetic when it comes to the news, rather they are disengaged with the old way of doing things and old and out of date formats. Our strategy was to speak to them on their terms, on the platforms they use, through the digital influencers they respect, not some “celebrity”

Episodes were narrated and promoted by influential new media creators to help spread the channel and deliver content to the target audience at scale.

Delivering world class content

Through weekly content we were able to grow the channel, below are some examples of further episodes that were produced. The channel was respected enough to be able to interview and feature the likes of Russel Brand and Vivian Westwood and it would also go on to be the central focus of Leaders Live.


  • Over 300,000+ video views while I oversaw the social content
  • Over 3000 YouTube subscribers
  • Over 2000 Twitter followers

Client: Bite News / Bite The Ballot / Google / SBTV
Role: Social Media Lead / New Media Strategist
Video Production: Natalia Jorquera
Project Lead / New Media Strategist / Writer: Ben White
Special Thanks: Mike Sani, Jamal Edwards