In this awesome video, The Game Theorists speak of a growing trend in the media of belittling NMCs to drive clicks. Having previously posted about a theory that game publishers make their games controversial to gain media coverage and publicity (Think GTA) he goes on to show how some journalists appear to be doing the same thing to drive traffic to their articles.

One such example he uses from a few weeks ago when Jimmy Kimmel uploaded a series of YouTube videos making fun of people who watch people game online around the launch of youtube’s gaming streaming service. But look at the views…

1 – 1.2 million views: YouTube’s New Video Game Watching Service
2 – 1.7 million views: Gamers Are Mad At Jimmy Kimmel
3 – 3.4 million views: Gamers Educate Jimmy Kimmel

Not bad viewing figures compared to their usual stats, I wonder if the team spotted that, prompting the release of the subsequent pieces.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 16.44.37

Media click bait conspiracy or a case of some journalists just not doing their research? Also it isn’t true that the media have shunned NMCs as a whole,  many have integrated successfully with mainstream media – Zoella, Tyler Oakley, TomSka, Troye Sivan, ThatcherJoe, Sprinkle of Glitter, Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee, Jack and Dean, BritPopPrincess to name a few, hosting shows on BBCR1 for example.