When I met my friend and long term collaborator Ben a few years ago he had a vision of a company.

A collection of solutions and products that recently are starting to take shape. The core idea has remained the same, yet the execution and quality has been refined and dare I say improved. All this has led up to us going live.

An amazingly talented bunch of people is coming together around the NMCN, many of our plans and projects are yet to be revealed. As I write this, part of the team are away in China on a secret trip for something we are yet to announce.

Whats the idea?

I can’t say much at this stage however, we have publicly launched (in beta) a discovery network for creators to help “find other creators and connect with the worlds most influential brands and institutions to get the opportunity to work with them.”

Also, we are releasing awesome videos highlighting some amazing creative talent and projects – the first of which is truly stunning: Negative Feedback – a project by George Muncey.

All we currently ask is if you are a creator and you are excited by the prospect of “making more stuff” then join us.