I’m a New Media Strategist. OK… cool… what on earth does that mean?

So, not to be one to add another silly job title into the world of business where in and around my industry I still see ninjas, and gurus (man being sick emoji). But there is certainly a need to draw a distinction to this new role, what it means and how it will grow in the coming years.

Personally, I work with brands, agencies, & individuals to help them deliver content, communications, & campaigns in a more impactful way across all forms of new media.

That for me is only the first part of the definition however. The ability to work on campaigns with a deep understanding of all forms of new media, their ecosystems, who moves traffic and generally a good understanding of how the internet works (yes, knowing how the internet works). Perhaps it is better if I get a few definitions out of the way first.

New Media Publishers

You may have seen that many Facebook pages, and new media entities are beating their more traditional rivals hands down for relevance and reach (see the rise of Unilad and the fall of FHM).

New media publishers have taken advantage of algorithmic changes to social media channels and republishing content found on aggregating / content discovery networks (Reddit et al) to grow, almost under the noses of those in the traditional industries, to the point where they are taking noticeable market share.

New Media Creators

A subject I have covered and introduced in this piece I co-wrote last year covers who they are beautifully so if you’d prefer a longer read to find out more then I strongly suggest you check it out. But to give you the short definition:

New Media Platforms

OK, this is probably an easy one to understand but, I’m talking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, yada yada.

Aggregating / Content Discovery Networks

Highly influential communities across the web that crowd source / discover and create original content, judged by their peers – Reddit, 4chan etc

Understanding how these forces interact with each other makes me good at what I do.