I am not always a fan of the John Lewis christmas ads, but this time I am. They have taken their influence, and the expectation of the audience and shined it on an extremely important topic – loneliness at Christmas, especially amongst the elderly.

As I say I have not been a fan of some of the previous ads as you can see from my tweet below, but I have been a long time fan of their overarching strategy for their Christmas ad.

I found out 2 years ago when I wrote this, that the Christmas period is responsible for 20% of their annual turnover – that fact still blows me away.

What I find interesting, and relevant to the 2015 ad is their music strategy. To summarise from my previous post they release a song worth buying, to keep reminding people through radio plays where you can double or triple your airplay, plus the release of ad times well getting to number one.

For these reasons above, I am quite possibly reading way to much into the choice of ‘Half The World Away’ by Oasis, but hear me out.

I am an Oasis fan, as an early 30’s northerner that won’t come as any surprise, so for that reason I instantly connected to the music on the ad, as you can see from my first reaction.

I think there is a high chance that they picked this particular tune to resonate with people of my age, who will naturally have older and potentially lonely relatives, plus the connection to beloved British comedy ‘The Royal Family’ will be doing it no harm.

Overall – I think the fact that John Lewis are highlighting a great cause again this year is fantastic and has certainly made me think about some people I should be visiting. Well played.

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