We’re so proud to be able to launch briefs:

It feels so good to be able to unveil this part of NMCN. We’re often quoted as saying “Creators are people, not just billboards.” and we feel Briefs embodies that notion.

Creators are not all in the same situation or place in their careers. Many have been creating content and growing their channels for a while now may have a good network of creative people who have the skills to help you realise all their wacky ideas.

That is where NMCN briefs come in — we give you the ability to publish a creative brief to the NMCN community. Do you need to find an animator to help you do that new video intro or just find someone to collaborate with on Snapchat? The NMCN enables you to target your brief by specifying who you’re looking for, what you’re working on, when, and where.

This is the first product NMCN have rolled out for creators on their platform with much more planned for the coming year. Stay tuned by following @NMCNco