One of my daily morning pleasures is a quick blitz through the front page of Reddit, a source of humour, inspiration and general internet whatthefuckery to set my day up.

On one such click-athon the other morning I found a thread around a topic I am extremely interested in – marketing on Reddit.

This is the community that marketers and brands are really yet to crack (hence why it is such an enjoyable place to be) however I stumbled upon a fantastic strategic approach from a company – and one you wouldn’t expect – PornHub.

Over the last couple of years, Pornhub have really stepped up their SFW (suitable for work, as opposed to NSFW) marketing efforts. Several noteable efforts including their first billboard campaign in NYC Times Sq, a pun ladened stunt to ‘Give America Wood’ by planting a tree for every 100 videos watched on their site, and a SFW ad poster campaign (a selection of some of my favourites below).

pornhub1pornhub2 (1)

A tongue in cheek swipe at crowd funding sites and campaigns typically found on Kickstarter that looked to launch the ‘Wank Band’ complete with animated pitch video and awesome landing page.

I have also previously written about their amazing insights blog – where they will regularly crunch their data to analyse trends, topics and fettishes by country, gender and often wrap reports around habits during sporting competitions – a great use of data in my opinion.

But back to Reddit –

In my ‘research’ I found out that PornHub had done an AMA (ask me anything) previously, something that personalities and some brands have managed to do, however this seems the closest many brands get to the power house that is Reddit.

Pornhub Katie - Community Coordinator

Pornhub Katie – Community Coordinator

Pornhub’s Reddit strategy, as with much of their outreach, is headed up by Community Coordinator – Katie.  It was the username I noticed as I was whizzing through the comments the other day – it intrigued me to start having a look around to see the kinds of comments she would add to threads and just how Porn Hub would drive value from it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 21.29.01

The thread I stumbled upon Katie’s presence, was actually criticising people for selling Reddit marketing services on elance – ironically the Reddit community held Katie’s work up as a good example of how brands can be involved in the community.

It seems that not only do Pornhub – through Katie’s awesome community management – have some witty fun in a lot of sub reddits, but they also drive product innovation as a result of feedback and comments – THIS IS GENIUS.

They also manage their own subreddit where people can discuss the site and look to gain help with any issues. I won’t link to it as there is a lot of NSFW content on there.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 21.29.14

As I was writing and researching this piece, my Twitter timeline threw up an article by Abigaile Edge highlighting how the New York Times uses Reddit for similar insight and value – recommend reading.

Marketers and brands need to take huge lessons from this.

Reddit is one of the most fiercely protected communities I have ever been a part of. They don’t want to be marketed to – and I hope that I never see a time where all brands have their community managers flooding sub-reddits. However when executed properly, with genuine intentions and the wit and fun that I see through the Pornhub Reddit account – there is insight to be gained.

Pornhub – I salute you.

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